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Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies


Free Party Ideas & Decorations to Help Make Your Party Special.

Girls of all ages will love Alice in Wonderland party supplies. It's currently one of the most popular birthday party themes as well as bridal shower themes. We hope you have a wonderful Alice in Wonderland tea party! Keep reading for great Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas.


Alice in Wonderland Decorations

  • Alice in Wonderland party supplies can be found online or at a local party store.
  • Craft large red hearts to place around the room, if artistic, you can create large playing cards for wall decorations as well as large chess pieces.
  • Red black and white streamers twisted together from corner to corner.
  • Paint on large boxes scenes from Alice in Wonderland for oudoor tea party.

  • Purchase cheap party top hats to place around the room and make a scarf and price tag to go around the bottom on tables, stuck to walls, and upside down on the ceiling.

Activity Fun:

  • Create a large backyard Alice in Wonderland maze with empty boxes, you can find free boxes at appliance stores, hardware and grocery stores. You can paint them with large mushrooms, tea pots, flowers with faces etc.
  • Pinata in form of bunny or tea pot, you can check our Piñata Center for ideas.
  • Tea party with tea cups & cookies.
  • Coin toss in tea cup game
  • Old Maid Card Game
  • Watch Alice in Wonderland Movie or Cartoon
  • Draw a large white bunny on posterboard & play pin the tail on the bunny.
  • Bubble machine, blows large bubbles for little ones to chase available at party stores.

  • Costume party where everyone dresses as their favorite Alice in Wonderland character.

Alice in Wonderland Cake & Food Ideas:

  • Tea Pot Cake, either shaped with special cake pan, or make a tea pot on top of the cake. You can also take small tea cups and tea pot toys to decorate with.
  • Crafty people can make a Mad Hatters Hat Cake
  • Tea Cup Cake baked in Oven safe tea cups, make a swirl on top with whipped topping or frosting to look like whipped cream.
  • Queen of Hearts Cake, this can have a queen or a crown with red and black frosting, white hearts on red squares and red hearts on black squares..
  • Cookies that say "eat me"
  • Finger Sandwiches or other finger foods
  • Tea cup or other drinks with card or gift tag that says "drink me"

  • Ice Cream Punch with tea cups for drinking, vanilla ice cream inside large bowl with orange soda, sprite etc.


Alice in Wonderland Party Favors:

You can find lots of Alice in Wonderland party supplies online, but sometimes it's easier to make your own party favors. Consider your budget and decide which is the easiest way to go for you. Don't forget if you have a hard time finding Alice in Wonderland party supplies, and can usually find tea party favors instead..

  • Hand Held Mirrors
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Alice in Wonderland Candy Wrappers
  • Cookies with eat me on them.
  • Beautiful collectors tea cup filled with mini candies.
  • Deck of cards
  • Chess games
  • Candy bag that says eat me on the outside.
  • Wands and crowns like the Queen of Hearts
  • Toy pigs like the Queen of Hearts foot stool.
  • Alice Top Hats with tags hanging from them.
  • Stuffed cats or other Alice in Wonderland Toys.


No matter what you do, we are sure you will love your Alice in Wonderland Party. Feel free to leave your party ideas in the comments below!






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