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Flower Power 60s Party Supplies


1960s Decoration Groovy Ideas
- Save money, color your own designs as wall decorations, you can use paper, poster board etc. Great for when party supplies are not available. Some ideas would be smiley faces, large bright flowers and peace signs.
- Streamer in matching theme colors are a plus. Take two bright colors and twist them together for a more fun look. Hang from corner to corner to fill the top of the room.
- Lots of bold color balloons, look for the 60s at your local party store, hang around the room in bunches of three, tie one to the mailbox to show guests just where the party is located.
- Wall Decorations for pictures - should you be extra crafty, purchase a load of construction paper, poster board etc. and make an entire wall decor for taking pictures in front of. You can draw a groovy dude and gal and cut the face area out for guests to look through for pictures.


- Tie Die a table cloth for the 60s look or use 60s bright colors to decorate your table.

- Decorate outside with old boxes and paint. Paint 60s luv bug cars, flower power flowers and large smiley faces and place around the yard.
- Tie Died pillow cases fit snug over backs of chairs for decor.
- Tie Die t-shirts for your guests, find their sizes ahead of time or make this a party activity.
A BIG list of supplies can be found at Makes Parties

Activity Party Ideas
- Coloring Books, for small kids, finding this theme or related characters in a color books will bring lots of coloring fun. Scooby Doo is usually available and they are always looking groovy!
- Pin the fun on the characters. This theme requires a smiley face, you can pin the smile on it's face etc. It requires an artist and poster board to draw your creation.
- Egg in Spoon Race for kids, Make a start and finish line, first one there wins.
- Water Balloon Toss for kids, Team who tosses the most without popping or dropping wins.
- Spooning Cotton Balls, Two bowls & blind fold, each child spoons cotton balls or marshmallows from one bowl to the other in one minute, the one who does the most wins.
- Balloon Pop for kids, Each kid gets a balloon to sit on, first one popped wins.

- Scooby Doo Movies or any old 60s hippy movie.

60s Party Foods
- Look for cake top decorations in our cake section for your party theme.

- Decorate a cake as a large 60s flower or peace sign, it's quick, easy and colorful. Use a tooth pick to map out the top frosting shape.
- Rice Crispies in the shape of Smiley Faces and peace signs, you can decorate with frosting as well for a better effect.
- Tie Die Ice Cream, melt your ice cream slightly and add sprinkles of 3 colors of gellow and fold (don't mix). You will end up with fun swirls.

- Skittles, jelly beans and m&ms bright colors

- Pizza is great for long parties or overnighters

- Fondu pots for older guests and teens, be careful it's hot!

60s Party Favors
We have nice favors at our store My Candy Bar as well as invitations.

- bright candy bracelets, ring pops, taffy

- bouncy balls in cool swirls

- t-shirts, your local craft store sells cheap cost t-shirts and supplies to make your own.

- Groovy hippy necklaces and headbands, make your own with material, hot glue gun and material paints.

Look for matching stickers as well as many other favor toys at Makes

Don't Forget Your Camera
Don't forget your cameras. This includes your video camera if available. Another fun idea would be to hand disposable cameras to several guests so that they can take pictures from their view through the party.










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