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Unicorn Party Supplies


Time To Send Unicorn Party Invitations:

Be sure to send out your invitations at least 2 weeks before the party date.


Unicorn Party Decoration Ideas

  • Get your artist and start coloring. With some poster board and paints or markers, you can draw and color great unicorns, flowers, butterflies and more to place on your walls.

  • A great budget item that I can't stress enough is streamer. You can purchase for a low cost two rolls of color, one pink and one white or any color you choose. Twist them together and hang from corner to corner and meet in the middle of the room and dangle balloons from the center.
  • Balloons are a great item to use as a filler. You can use Unicorn Balloons or you can find colors to match your theme like pinks, blues and white.
  • When the unicorn party supply you need isn't available, you can always use solid colors that match any designs you might have. Pinks and purples are always great colors for unicorn parties, purchase table cloths, plates, napkins and cups all spread out on the table look great. The solid colors always cost less than designed supplies. Feel free to mix and match if you wish to use unicorn cups only.

Unicorn Birthday Party Activities

  • Coloring Books. Many mystical unicorn coloring books are for sale in such stores as Walmart. This is a great item to have for younger kids to keep them busy if needed, or to give as they leave the party.
  • Pin the Unicorn horn on the Unicorn. Get someone who is good at drawing to use posterboard for your unicorn.

  • Unicorn race, if you have a toy pony or horse, you can have kids pretend to ride the pony in a relay race to pick up items and drop them off at another point.
  • Color your own placemats, young girls love to color, give large sections of poster boards to design their own placemat to put under their food.
  • Unicorn party egg race. Kids race with raw egg (fully in tact) in the spoon and go from one place to another and back. If you drop it and it breaks you are out, if it dosn't break, they can pick it up and continue.

Unicorn Movies

  • The Last Unicorn.
  • Lord of the Rings (good for overnight parties for older kids).

  • Just about any horse type movie or cartoon will do. Use this time at young parties to setup the tables, it helps keep the young ones busy.

Unicorn Birthday Party Foods

  • When decorating your cake, if Unicorn cake decorations aren't available, you can use such items as small unicorn or horse toys, frost a cake in the form of a unicorn, butterfly or stars with pink and purple frosting, or take a picture of the child to your local cake department and see if they can make a cake image with it. It's edible and will be cute, just decorate around it with frosting to match theme.
  • Rice Crispies in the shape of unicorns and fairies, butterflies and flowers, you can decorate with frosting as well to make details or use color candies to decorate.

  • Fill goodie bags with trail mix and it can be used as horse feed.
  • candy filled bowls or bags (feed bags).

Unicorn Party Favors

  • A nice list of ideas for Unicorn Party Favors would be: small unicorn or horse toys, unicorn and flower stickers, unicorn tatoos, writing tablets, crayons, butterfly items, flower items, purple or pink ring pops, candy necklaces.

  • We offer a nice variety of candy wrappers and invitations at My Candybar Wrappers
  • Look for other unicorn items which are seasonal at Makes Parties.







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