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Horse Party Supplies


Horse Party Decoration Ideas
- Are you crafty? You can purchase poster board to draw pictures of horses, saddles, cowboy hats etc. to decorate the walls with.
- Streamer in matching colors go great, I suggest using horse colors of brown and white twisted together going from corner to corner of the room, you can also bring corners to the center of the room for a full room look.

- Have stuffed animals? Place horses around the room on tables, back of the couch etc. You can also add some cowboy hats etc. You can save money by buying these at a party store.


Activity Ideas
- Horse Word Scramble, take words like horse, cowboy hat etc. and give the kids 1min to unscramble as many as possible. Be sure to have a lot of words. The one with the most wins. Be sure to have some sort of game or scramble if there is a tie.
- Pin the Tail on the Horse, required artist to drawn on poster board, or you can find a pin the tail on the donkey at your local party store.
- Bobbing for apples, eat like a horse, no hands.
- Horse Shoes, plastic sets for young kids can be found in your local sporting section, the plastic game set will help so there is no injury.
- Egg in Spoon Race, horses are on the farm, so race with the chickens eggs. Make a start and finish line, first one there wins.
- Water Balloon Toss, Team who tosses the most without popping or dropping wins.
- Spooning Cotton Balls
Two bowls & blind fold, each child spoons cotton balls or marshmallows from one bowl to the other in one minute, the one who does the most wins. You can use food coloring to make the cotton balls brown and white. Let fully dry to keep light weight.
- Balloon Pop Each kid gets a balloon to sit on, first one popped wins.

- This themed movie's soundtrack, black stallion etc.

- Popular Kids horse movies.

Horse Party Foods
- Look for cake top decorations & cupcake liners in our cake section for your party theme. You can also take a horse picture to your local cake shop and have it made into an edible cake picture to go on top of your cake.
- Horse Feed (trail mix)
- Rice Crispies in the shape of horses, saddles etc., also a great activity for kids with frosting.
- Pizza and chips and m&ms

Horse Party Favors
- You can find lots of small toy horses and cowboy hats etc. at your local party store, or here online. - We have nice favors at our store My Candybar Wrappers as well as invitations. Some other ideas would be stickers & rubber fish found at: Makes Parties .











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