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John Deere Party Supplies


John Deere has become a great birthday party for boys because they love tractors. Here are some of the best John Deere birthday party supplies and John Deere party decorations. Look below for some great John Deere party ideas


John Deere Party Decoration Ideas

  • John Deere party decorations and be found online or at your local party store.
  • Save money and color your own wall decor. You can color tractors of all sorts for wall decorations. Just purchase posterboard and paints at your local office supply or craft store. Draw the tractors and place on the walls around the room.
  • Streamers in green and white or yellow twisted together around the room ads lots of depth to your party without a lot of cost.
  • Balloons with John Deere colors.
  • Posters and toys may be placed around the room for more decor if needed.

  • Decorate the yard outside. Use old boxes or posterboard to draw tractors, hay bundles, cows, chickens corn etc.

John Deere Party Activity Ideas

  • Coloring Books for young kids, you can find John Deere Color Books at your local stores.
  • Pin tire on the tractor, if you can draw or know someone who can, this makes a fun game that will help pass the time. You can pin the hat on the farmer, spot on the cow etc.
  • Egg in Spoon Race
    Make a start and finish line, first one there wins. Decorate eggs with John Deere Stickers
  • Water Balloon Toss, you can carefully paint farm images on the egg and call it hauling, the team who tosses the most without popping or dropping wins.
  • Spooning Cotton Balls
    Two bowls & blind fold, each child spoons cotton balls or marshmallows from one bowl to the other in one minute, the one who does the most wins.
  • Balloon Pop is always fun, Each kid gets a balloon to sit on, first one popped wins.
  • Egg roll, kids get on their knees and push an egg with their nose accross the ground.

  • Farm relay race. Have kids pop balloons, run with egg in spoon, move boxes from one place to another etc.


  • There are select movies for this theme available. Some may be hard to find, great for young kids. Ask your local video store for movie help, a great way to pass the time while setting up cake etc.

Party Foods

  • Look for John Deere Cake Tops. Or you can place small toys on top of the cake or take a picture of your child near a John Deere Tractor and have your local cake shop place it on an edible image to top your cake with.
  • Cookies decorated in shapes of tractors, hay, farm animals, vegies etc. Large holiday cookie shape packs come with pumpkins, eggs, deere etc.
  • Rice Crispies in the shape of steering wheels, tractors, anything to match theme etc. can be decorated with frosting.

John Deere Party Favors

  • We have nice favors at our store My Candybar Wrappers as well as invitations if a design isn't available you may request a new look at no charge, within 48hrs we should have something available.
  • Some other ideas would be toy cars which can be bought in bulk at Makes Parties.

  • Toy farm animals
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Toy Tractors or John Deere Brand Toy Tractors
  • Candy, just make sure you don't have hard candies with young kids.






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