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Elmo Party Supplies


Decoration Ideas

  • Color your own designs as wall decorations, you can use paper, poster board etc. Great for when party supplies are not available.
  • Streamer in matching theme colors are a plus. Take two colors and twist them together for a more fun look.
  • Lots of balloons, look for this theme at your local party store, hang around the room in bunches of three, tie one to the mailbox to show guests just where the party is located.
  • Wall Decorations for pictures - should you be extra crafty, purchase a load of construction paper, poster board etc. and make an entire wall decor for taking pictures in front of.


Activity Party Ideas

  • Coloring Books, for small kids, finding this theme or related characters in a color books will bring lots of coloring fun.
  • Pin the fun on the characters. It requires an artist and poster board to draw your creation.
  • Pinatas
  • Cherades
  • Related Word Scramble (make your own)


  • Related movie or cartoon.


  • Look for cake top decorations & cupcake liners in our cake section for your party theme.
  • Rice Crispies in the shape of related characters, you can decorate with frosting as well for a better effect.
  • Snack Mix
  • Pizza & Chips
  • Gummi Fruit Snacks
  • Gold Fish Snacks


We have nice favors at our store as well as invitations. Look for matching stickers as well as many other favor toys at

Don't Forget Your Camera

Don't forget your cameras. This includes your video camera if available. Another fun idea would be to hand disposable cameras to several guests so that they can take pictures from their view through the party.







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