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Dora the Explorer Party Supplies


Dora the Explorer Decorations

  • Are you artististic or know someone who is? Time to buy some poster board, markers or crayons and draw anything that goes with Dora. We suggest Cactus, Sambrero, maps, backpacks etc.
  • I always recommend streamers. Twist two colors together, Dora colors might be yellow and blue and hange them from corner to corner in the room. You can also go from corner to center of the room and hang stars in the center from the ceiling.
  • Lots of balloons, look for Dora Balloons and solid color balloons at your local party store, hang around the room in bunches of three, tie one to the mailbox to show guests just where the party is located.
  • Wall decorations by picture. Find posters or print pictures of Dora found in Google Images and place around the room. I like to cut curvy lines around the pictures before sticking to the wall.


Activity Party Ideas

  • Coloring Books, for small kids. You can also find free coloring pages online.
  • Pin the fun on the characters. It requires an artist and poster board to draw your creation, you can pin the hat on Dora, the map on backpack too.
  • Pinatas
  • Dora and Diego Cherades
  • Related Word Scramble for older kids, (make your own), use small words like map as apm.
  • Scavenger Hunt by map
  • Egg in Spoon Race Make a start and finish line, first one there wins.
  • Water Balloon Toss Team who tosses the most without popping or dropping wins.
  • Spooning Cotton Balls Two bowls & blind fold, each child spoons cotton balls or marshmallows from one bowl to the other in one minute, the one who does the most wins.
  • Balloon Pop Each kid gets a balloon to sit on, first one popped wins.
  • Musical Chairs.


  • Dora the Explorer cartoons are always a great way to keep kids calm, especially while you are setting the table or setting up games etc.


  • Look for cake top decorations & cupcake liners in our cake section for your party theme.

  • Use small toys to decorate your cake. Just frost in one color, add colors or sprinkles around the edges of the cake and then add the toys.
  • Rice Crispies squares are always a favorite, you can make your own or buy in the store. If you make your own, you can decorate them with frosting or make shapes like cactus and frost.
  • Snack Mix
  • Pizza & Chips
  • Gummi Fruit Snacks
  • Fruit Cups



  • We have nice favors at our store My Candybar Wrappers as well as invitations. Look for matching stickers as well as many other favor toys at Makes Parties

  • Print a dora small favor box box 1, box 2, box 3
  • Print a dora hanging craft hang on the wall behind the cake.
  • Printable Dora wrapping paper, decorate small gifts, prizes etc. use thin paper.
  • Printable stickers for your Dora party. Just purchase sticker paper and cut with scissors.
  • Dora character toys are a plus.
  • Be sure not to give young kids toys with tiny parts. Beanie toys are a good favor as well as chewy candies.

Don't Forget Your Camera

Don't forget your cameras. This includes your video camera if available. Another fun idea would be to hand disposable cameras to several guests so that they can take pictures from their view through the party.






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