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Including: Sesame Street, Sleeping Beauty, Batman, Blues Clues, Belle, Dinosaurs, Dogs Spongebob and much more.


Great Cake Decorating Ideas:
Decorating on a low budget means craft time is in order, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

1) Use frosting in colors to match the character theme. From decorating the edge with fancy frosting tubes, to just plain, yet colorful top and sides, you can create a theme with color alone on many cake designs.

2) Small toys around the house can be used to top off cakes. If you child is into such characters as Barney, Spiderman or even Barbie, you cake take your toys, clean them off, and use them to top your cakes. It's quick and easy and requires no extra shopping for a cake topper.

3) Pictures of the child on popsicle sticks stuck in the cake for toppers. For my sweet 16, my mother added picturs of me through the years to the top of the cake. She took the pictures, cut them to the same size and glued them to the back of popcycle sticks and inserted into the cake. You can do the same with a through the years effect for your cake topper.

4) Lay clean pictures of the character on top of the frosted cake and write your words around it. Many people have taken pictures they had on hand or cutouts from posters to place on top of their cakes. Be sure to have a lining on the back that won't soak in water or frosting, then lay the picture on top and decorate around with frosting.

5) Cut the cake in the shape of the character or item in question and decorate to look like the actual thing. If you are good at carving or only require a circle for such things as a pumpking shaped cake, it is always best to cut the shape of the cake out to produce a better effect. You can do this with teddy bears by using a couple sheets of cake, triangle for a party hat cake etc.

6) You can make fun looking cakes with color candies like M&Ms, use these to make rainbows, flowers, hearts and stars, clouds etc. This is great for people like me who aren't very good at cake decorating. You can use candies and sprinkles not only to add color around the cake, but use things like licorice to make spider legs for a spider cake top, white candy with a dab of green frosting in middle to make eyes etc.


Creating your own cakes may need some special imagination to find the right look and feel. Your best bet for ideas would be to either visit our stores located on the right of this page for ideas or products, or search the internet for cake ideas, my personal place would be google images.


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