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Angry Birds Party Supplies & Ideas


Nothing like a fun game of Angry Birds unless you are having an Angry Birds party. I have always liked how this game not only is fun for children, but adults as well. Here are some fun ideas to help get your Angry Birds Birthday Party off to a great start.


Angry Birds Birthday Decorations

  • Wall Decorations - print out pictures through google images and stick them on your wall or grab your nearest painter and paint poster board to look like birds and pigs.
  • Streamers - twist two colors together. Popular Angry Bird colors include red, yellow, white, orange and green.
  • Wall Mural- With large pieces of cardstock, you can create a scene of angry birds flying to their boxes. Start with one picture of a bird flying from the sling shot, more birds in the air as you go down the wall and end at a drawing of the boards/boxes at the end.
  • Color Matching - With your tableware, you don't need just one color with this theme. You can mismatch colors like red green and yellow for your forks, plates and cups.


Birthday Activities

  • Knock The Cans Down - This game requires a crafty person to paint coffee or soup cans green with a pigs eyes, nose and mouth. Then, take any red ball or purchase one with the Angry Bird face on it and stack your cans and go bowling. Select paints from the craft store can also paint faces on bouncy rubber balls. For a larger outdoor game, take boxes and paint them as well and throw a soft ball or school ball into the group.
  • Egg & Spoon Race - Use raw eggs and two person teams to run eggs from one line to the other. The winner is the one who makes it without breaking their egg. You can color the raw eggs to look like birds and deliver the eggs to


Angry Birds Cakes and Treats

  • Angry Bird Pizza, take items like onions, cheese, olives and more to make angry bird faces on your pizza.
  • Angry Bird Cupcakes - this treat takes place of your cake. Use colored frosting, fun candies and more for fun cupcakes. Licorice for eyebrows, frosting for eyes, chewy candy for beaks.
  • Angry Bird Birthday Cake - If you will be making the cake yourself, here is a great idea to help get you started. Use hard bread pieces cut or child toys like Legos to create stacked boards and paint small rocks to have as pigs and birds, you can also use fondant on small pieces of cake to create your birds & pigs. Place the birds at one end in a line ready to fly.
  • Face Cake - With colored frosting such as white, red, yellow and black, you can create the popular red face for your birthday cake.
  • Bake Cookies - This shape is easy as you just need a round sugar cookie to start. Use colored frosting or candy to create each angry bird and pig face.
  • Gold Fish Crackers - birds love to eat fish, so this makes a great treat.
    Other fun foods include chips and dip, veggies and dip and candy such as m&ms and other easy to eat small treats.


Party Favors

  • Pick Angry Bird Toys for great party favors. These days you can find things from key chains to pens, stickers and more.
  • A fun selection of toys is always a hit, choose bouncy balls, yo-yos, bracelets and more.
  • Gold Fish crackers now sell mini bags that are great for favor bags.
  • Fish Gummy Candy, you can find this theme usually by the breakfast cereals and pop tarts. All birds love fish.







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