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Baby Shower Ideas


Throwing a baby shower is lots of fun for both the parents to be as well as the guests.  We have a wonderful supply of great baby shower ideas as well as delightful party supplies we feel will help enhance your baby shower.  Look for custom baby shower invitations, balloons, baby shower decorations and much more.



Free Baby Shower Cake Ideas

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Baby Shower Tips

1) Baby Room Theme

Does the new mom have a baby room theme?
Find out what theme she is decorating with and be sure to include that in the invitations, this way if the room will be baby elephants, the guests can purchase stuffed animals, clothing etc. to help the theme.


2) Is the mom registered? 
If the mom is registered at Wal-Mart, Target etc. let the guests know in the invitations so they can purchase the items on the list.


 3) Sending Invitations
Be sure to send your invitations out about 4 weeks in advance.  Many guests need this amount of time in order to request time off from work etc.  Make sure you have an RSVP as you want to make sure people will be arriving, especially for small showers.


 4) Buying Supplies
Purchase all party supplies 4 weeks in advance.  The average time for delivery is 2 weeks, this way you can watch the service to make sure your packages will arrive on time.  A week ahead of the party, if your items have not arrived, contact the company you purchased from and have them send it right away.


5) Shower Time
Plan to have your shower when the mother is ready (unless it's a surprise).  Many mothers would like to have it before the baby is born, so having it about 1 month before the due date is a great time.  Other parents have enough supplies to get the newborn started, so having it after the baby is born helps them know exactly what they need.


 6) Who Will Host
Hosting a party can be done by anyone who knows the parents.  Usually a sister, mom or best friend will host the party.  Personally, my step-mother hosted my shower for my daughter, we felt that it was a great gesture on her part and allowed my mother to have her special time as grandma to be since she didn't have to host the party.  This of course is up to you.  But in today's shower time, anyone can host the part of the new parents.


 7) What Guests To Invite
Ask mom who she would like to come to the party, make sure you don't invite someone mom isn't getting along with.  This can cause a horrible time and help build stress for the new mom to be, something you don't want.  You also want to make sure that all her co-workers or friends you don't know get invited as well.


 8) Track Those Gifts
Gift Tracker - Make sure you have someone or multiple people to help keep track of gifts.  My older sister kept the book for me so that I knew where each gift came from and who to thank after the celebration.


 9) Feeding The Guests
 Foods - Be sure to serve lots of munchies as mom will be hungry.  Our family prefers to have finger foods available including raw veggies and dip, little smokies in BBQ sauce, lemon bars, brownies, cookies etc.


 10) Decorating On Low Budget
Low Budget - When on a low budget for decorations, here are some helpful tips to get you through... Streamers are always recommended.  You can get a large roll from .58cents to $1 at your local party stores.  They come in all colors so twist blues, pinks and whites together and go from corner to corner.  They fill the room at such a low cost.  Also, solid color plates are usually much cheaper, just buy the plates and have napkins on hand and some dixie type cups to help save money.  Solid color balloons on the wall make great added color and don't forget to get your local friend or family artist to draw some pictures for the wall.  I made some delightful teddy bears for my sister's shower and everyone was so pleased and all it cost was markers and poster board.







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