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Bridal Shower Decorations & Supplies


Throwing a bridal shower is lots of fun for all the guests.  We have a wonderful supply of great bridal shower ideas as well as delightful party supplies we feel will help enhance your wedding or shower.  Look for custom invitationsballoonsshower decorations and much more.


Throwing a shower that goes with the seasonal theme makes planning a bit easier.  Summer showers can be made with beach parties or a BBQ while spring showers have lots of flowers, fall with fall colors and leaves or winter with snowmen.


Tea Party
A delightful tea theme baby shower with all the wedding colors and finger foods from lemon bars to brownies, chocolate chip cookies and more.  Sugar cookies in shapes like bells, brides etc. are an extra added treat.


Popular Locations For Your Bridal Shower

1) Your Home
2) Hotel Room
3) A Day At The Park
4) Banquet Room At Restaurant (or) Hotel
5) Local Country Club


Important Information For Your Party Decorating

1) Decorating The Room
Special pictures of the bride and groom or even the bride through the years located around the room adds a special touch.  Having pictures blown up into poster size is even better.  Buying streamer in the colors of the wedding and placing them around the room with balloons is a way to decorate quick and easy while saving your budget.  Don't forget, you can buy long rolls of plastic sheets at the local party store to place over tables for large showers, it's low cost and helps make the room look much nicer.


2) Taking Notes
Find a designated person to write down which gift and who it came from so that thank you cards go to the right person.


3) Decorating Tables
To decorate your tables quick and easy, some of our customers have liked filling low cost vases with Hershey's hugs and kisses, others have created bargain flower arrangements from the local craft stores.  Remember, you can save money by buying flower supplies at such places as Wal-Mart.  Placing candles on the tables ads a special romantic touch.  Other ideas have been bowls of M&Ms and rose petals, we recommend buying the fake petals from local craft stores as they won't wilt.


4) Buying Your Supplies
Purchase all party supplies 4 weeks in advance.  The average time for delivery is 2 weeks, this way you can watch the service to make sure your packages will arrive on time.  A week ahead of the party, if your items have not arrived, contact the company you purchased from and have them send it right away.


5) Feeding Your Guests
Finger foods are easy to come by and make better yummies than full dishes.  Such finger foods we like to use are vegies and dip, little smokies in BBQ sauce, lemon bars, brownies, chips, cookies and of course the cake.


6) Who Will Host
Hosting a party can be done by anyone who knows the bride but is usually done by a sister or friend but in this day and age, anyone who knows the bride and/or groom can throw the shower.

7) What Guests To Invite
Ask the bride to be who she would like to come to the party, make sure you don't invite someone she isn't getting along with.   You also want to make sure that all her co-workers or friends you don't know get invited as well.


8) Decorating On Low Budget
Low Budget - When on a low budget for decorations, here are some helpful tips to get you through... Streamers are always recommended.  You can get a large roll from .58cents to $1 at your local party stores.  They come in all colors so twist blues, pinks and whites together and go from corner to corner.  They fill the room at such a low cost.  Also, solid color plates are usually much cheaper, just buy the plates and have napkins on hand and some dixie type cups to help save money.  Solid color balloons on the wall make great added color and don't forget to get your local friend or family artist to draw some pictures for the wall like bells and flowers.


9) Favors
Favors are always welcomed by your guests, but many can be costly.  We have found that most guests prefer anything that is edible.  At our favor store  we have great favors from custom tea packs to Belgian chocolates as well as custom invitations.  We have low prices and have just discounted all of them in 2006, so saving on your budget is what we want to help you do.







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