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Balloon Decoration Ideas & Tips


Decorating With Balloons Can Make A Room So Full Of Fun and Excitement!


Types Of Balloons
Balloons come made in several different types, the most popular balloon selections include:

1) Mylar - a helium filled balloon that can last days with floatation.
2) Latex Balloons - also filled with helium can last average 24hrs.
3) Water Balloons - these are fun filled for water toss fights. 


Which Balloons Are Best?
When picking balloons for your celebration, you need to know how far in advance you need them.  If you will not be purchasing the balloons on the day of your celebration, but rather 24-72hrs before, we suggest purchasing the helium filled Mylar balloons and adding the regular balloons should you purchase them or fill them locally on the day of your celebration.

Today's selections come filled with many designs perfect for just about any party theme.  You will find everything form unicorn balloons, to military balloons, princesses, angels and so much more including stars and hearts.







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