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Halloween Costumes & Party Supplies

Planning a party can be easy and fun when you have the right ideas to help get you started. Find favor ideas, decoration ideas and so much more to help with your Halloween party right below our products.

The above stores have the largest listings of costumes for just about every occasion.  With the above stores you will be able to dress like your favorite movie or cartoon characters, the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Elves and more.


Picking a Costume:
When in doubt, movie it out!  You can't go wrong with a great costume that is like one of the most popular movies of the year.  Take a pirate costume for Pirates of the Caribbean, a Harry Potter school outfit for his fun movies, or even Elmo for those who just love that fuzzy little guy.

No matter what you pick to be this year for Halloween, we have some fun ideas including great new characters, fun classic costumes and much much more.


What's Most Popular Among Costumes?

Kids Costumes:
Harry Potter  -  Legend of Zorro  -  Star Wars  -  Disney Princess  -  princess Barbie
Super Heroes including Spiderman  -  Cheerleader - Pirates


Adult Costumes:
50s - 60s - Vampires  -  Classic Ladies of the past  -  Pirates


Making Costumes

We know what it is like to have to make your own costumes.  Remember, many of today's styles can be created with items you have at home as well as patterns ready for purchase at your local craft material stores.  Here are some homemade ideas:

1) Cheerleader - wear an old costume you already own from your cheer days and/or make one with an old pleased skirt, sleeveless shirt and clothing paint.  Paint the inside of the pleats a different color and make a great big letter on the chest of the shirt.  Pompoms can be made from old newspapers as well as yarn.  For yarn pompoms, just wrap the yarn around your hand about 20+ plus times (not too tight) and pull off to tie the center together.  Then cut the loops down the center and you have a small fluffy pompom which is the perfect size to carry for trick or treating.


2) Pirate - take old jeans and slice the bottoms to make a ragged look.  Take a puffy sleeve shirt (if have one) or take an old t-shirt and slice the sleeves the same as the pants.  Purchase a cheap eye patch at the local party store and/or a hat and sword.


3) Ghosts - older kids can take white garbage bags and draw eyes on the front then make a whole on the bottom of the bag for head and one on each side of the bag for the arms.  Baby ghosts can be made from pillow cases.  Some also choose to wear sheets for this costume, please remember to find ways to "not" cover your head when trickortreating as it can block your vision.


4) Washing Machine and/or Dice - think of a million and one ways to use an old box.   Cut holes out the sides for arms and pain the box to look like anything from a washing machine to a dice.


5) Gangster - wear one of dad's old suit jackets, dress in all black and buy a cheap hat at a costume shop for a quick costume.


6) Nerd - wear a plaid shirt, pants that are now too short or tuck one in a sock, pocket protector and glasses with tape in the middle plus a tie.


7) Baby - a pair of fun jammies are perfect, buy a large pacifier at the local party store along with placing your hair in two pony tails on each side and use lipstick or liner to make freckles on your cheeks and don't forget your blankie.


8) Business man - wearing a suit shirt and jacket from dad's old selection, you can grease back your hair, stick on the suit and grab a briefcase (can be found at second hand stores).


9) Housewife - Wear a bathrobe that zips up the front, add some curlers to your hair or a shower cap, add some facial cream or white and/or mint color face paint and you are ready!


10) Skateboarder - carry a skateboard with you, some jean shorts, knee pads and helmet.

Lots of fun ideas can be found if you just use your imagination.  Here are some great products we think you will enjoy!







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