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Privacy Policy / Disclaimer


My Party Supply Store, is a Brunet Visions Subsidiary.

My Party Supply Store is committed to protecting your privacy.  This statement of privacy is not only good for My Party Supply Store, but all our Brunet Visions Websites.  This does not apply to any programs outside our websites.  Please read our privacy policy below for more information.


Brunet Visions Family Network was created for families everywhere and will remain family friendly.  Any information collected will remain private and will not be given out to any third parties.


Facebook Connect

We have added features to our site to let you comment and share our articles with others. We have chose Facebook Connect for it's ease of use and widespread integration. Portions of our website will allow you to log into your Facebook account to access these features. does not collect or store this information, all of your login information and comments posted are stored by Facebook. All of your activities on Facebook are covered by the Facebook privacy policy and other terms of use:



Personal Information:

At times, we may collect information for personal surveys within our websites.  Be assured that this information will be kept private to help improve our family network and will not be distributed at any time to any third party contact. We may collect email address in order to deliver newsletters by email. This information will never be sent/sold/solicited or in any other fashion given to a third party. We hate spam and understand your privacy is important to you, we'll do everything we can to keep it private.


Newsletter & Forum Control:

With both our programs, you are able to control the information about yourself in each program.  If for some reason, you feel that some information should not be known, it is your responsibility and not ours to change said information in these programs.


You may stop subscription to any program we just listed above at any time.  You will be able to reach them by entering any program at any time.  Look for unsubscribe information at the bottom of every newsletter.


Kids Information:

We do not collect information of children and we prefer that any child visit our sites with their parents. We do not take responsibility for children who visit without their parents guidance.  We do have family friendly sites and do our best to keep all of them child accessible, but sometimes, parents may feel that their children should not be subject to certain areas without their guidance.  In that case, please guide your child through our program.




Cookies are only used to let our viewers know when new coupons have been posted since your last visit.  We do not use this type of program to keep any personal information about your or your computer.



Use Of Third Party Ads:

We do use third party ads to help support our websites. The content on this website is offered free of charge and these ads help us manage our website hosting, upkeep, and time invested. We strive to keep them as minimal as possible, as well as relevant and family friendly. If you find an offensive ad, please contact us and we'll remove if necessary.


Our websites allow other companies, called third-party ad servers or ad networks to display advertisements on our web pages.  Some of these ad networks may place a persistent cookie on your computer.  Doing this allows the network to know what ads you have seen during your visit and which ads you have clicked on.  This is how the program determines what their payments will be for our hosting them on our servers.


We do not have access and cannot control the information shown by these companies.  Any clicking and visiting of these programs is up to the viewer and is not the responsibility of any of the One Click Designs Network of websites (my games outlet, my coupon outlet, family shopping bag, my party supply store etc.).



We do not take responsibility for any program that you click within our websites.  Once you leave our site, your actions will be your own.  Any problems you may have with any site that is not one of our own, should be take up with that website owner.


If you find a link that is not working, that goes to a non family related website (at times people do sell their domains to adult related programs) or if you find a program that uses internet viruses in their program, please let us know.  At the time the links are created inside our network, we have personally visited each and every one of them to make sure they were a great place for families to visit.  Your quick response in letting us know about a bag company is very much appreciated.



If you have problems with this statement, please contact us. 



Occasionally, changes may be updated to this statement of privacy to reflect company and customer feedback.  We prefer that you visit and read our privacy policy on a periodic basis.



If you need to contact any of our sites, please send your questions to the appropriate program.


Visit our Control Center at





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