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Disney's Brave Party Supplies


Brave is a new and fun filled cartoon adventure by Pixar. Based in Scotland, Merida is a young princess who wishes to be so much more, like most girls. We hope our party ideas will help your little Brave have a fun and exciting day.


Disney's Brave Decoration Ideas

  • Red wigs for all. My family is Scottish so red hair for all! With a few fun costume wigs, your little guests can be just like Brave.
  • Bow and Arrow Decor: Decorate your room by painting poster boards with pictures of bows and arrows. You can find pictures of Brave in google images to help you create the right look. You can also paint your own coat of arms invented for your brave party.
  • Decorate with balloons and streamers as they are the best room filler for the smallest cost. With green, blue and orange being the colors of this theme, you can twist two of them together to make a fun streamer from corner to corner.
  • Got Bears? Bears are a big part of this cartoon, place fun stuffed bears around the room which can also be gifts for the party boy or girl at the end of the day.
  • Dress Up - make it a fun day having the grown ups dress up in orange wigs and kilts purchased from your party store.


Disney's Brave Activity Ideas

  • Pin the Arrow on the bullseye. Using the cardstock, paint or use markers to fill in the bulls eye. Then cut out little arrows with double sided tape on the back and use a blindfold scarf, it's just like playing pin the tail on the Donkey.
  • Hole Throw. Take a large cardboard box and make a hole about twice the width of a baseball or tennis ball. Then place the child away from it and the one who makes it in the hole wins. Practice before hand so you know how big to make it and how far away kids must stand.
  • Take kids to see the movie or if it is already on video, rent it, this is a great time filler. You can also watch other movies from Pixar.


Disney's Brave Party Favor Ideas

  • Princess Crowns
  • Bouncy Balls, yo-yos and candy
  • Bear toys
  • Nerf Bow and Arrow Products
  • Plastic Swords & Shields, be sure kids are old enough.


Disney's Brave Cake Decoration & Food Ideas

  • Bullseye Cookies - Create round sugar cookies and use frosting to make bullseyes.
  • Bullseye Cake - If in doubt Bullseye your cake. Not only can it be quick and easy with a round cake pan, but you can also cut a rectangle cake to resemble an arrow and use fondant to decorate.
  • Make a scottish meal for the dinner.


Don't forget your camera!







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