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Dr Seuss Party Supplies & Ideas


When planning your Dr. Suess party, be sure to keep the books in mind. Things like green eggs and ham can help you create a fun and colorful party. Can't find invites on this page? Create a hand made invitation by using cardstock and markers. Draw pictures from the Dr. Suess books and write the information on the back, or photos online in google images and print them out as your invitation.


Dr. Suess Decoration Ideas

  • Green Eggs and Ham... or any other book you so love, use these as inspiration to colors poster board with your favorite book. This is one of my favorite ideas as you can draw and color your own wall decorations. I have done this type of decor for baby showers etc.
  • Look for Dr. Suess book pictures inside google images and print them out to decorate your walls.
  • Depending on what book you pick as a theme, you can use it to pick your place settings. For one fish two fish, red fish blue fish, you can use red and blue place settings and color fish to decorate the walls. For green eggs and ham, you can use green as your color theme and draw eggs and ham as wall decorations.
  • Popular color sets are green or red and white, or red white and black, or blue and red.
  • Quick party list: party plates and cups, forks and table cloths, streamers and balloons, party hats, snacks, cake, invitations.


Party Activity Ideas

  • Coloring pages and crayons
  • Dr. Suess cartoons and movies like The Cat in the Hat
  • Story time with Dr. Suess Books
  • Simon says with silliness. Do things like make a fish face and show them what to do, shake your cat tail, dance like thing one and two etc. Nobody looses for young kids, all enjoy the game.


Foods and Party Goodies with Dr. Suess

  • Gold fish crackers, you can find the rainbow colors to fit with the book
  • Fish shaped cookies
  • Cat face cookies.
  • For cakes you can easily design with frosting a theme from fish to ham. Check google images for cake ideas.
  • A fun cake would be stacking several round cakes together depending how high you need, trim it to look round like a fish bowl and cut out of the center to make the fish bowl indentation. Cover with baby blue frosting and place a plastic toy fish in the top. You might need to make a practice cake first, I'm sure your family won't mind helping eat it.
  • For a cat in the hat cake, you can stack several round cakes and trim it to look slightly crooked. Frost the entire cake with white frosting, then add red stripes with fondant around the cake to make a shorter, yet fun, cat's hat.
  • Cupcakes are also fun and everyone gets the same sized cake. Use red cupcake wraps with blue frosting for thing one and thing two, you can also make cat faces on the, create fish etc.


Party Favor Ideas

  • Toy fish
  • bouncy balls, yo yos
  • candy
  • themed stickers and tatoos
  • kid cat shaped toys
  • cat ear headbands and cat tails
  • gold fish individual sized bags


Enjoy your party and don't forget to bring your camera.







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