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Holiday Party Supplies


All About The Holiday Parties!

Holiday Party Supplies - Christmas, Easter, Halloween & more. Celebrating your special event is even better when you can fully decorate your party.

We have partnered with and have a wonderful selection of holiday decorations including plates, cups, wall decorations, beads and much much more. up your Christmas, Birthday or even St. Patrick's Day party with great custom party favors and invitations!


Here are some valuable money saving decorating tips for your next celebration:
- Low on cash?  Use streamer and balloons for most of your decorating.
Match the colors to your select holiday theme (Christmas = green and red) and you can save on your decorations.  You can fill an entire room and most of your themed decorating is done.  Twist colors together for a nicer effect, use a dark and light color like red and white or black and orange.


- Decorate a holiday cake with a small toy or figurine.
If a cake decoration is hard to find, these items may be cleaned and used to decorate any celebration cake.  You can use toy Santa's, Ghosts etc. 

- Make your own printables, if you have a computer handy, you can design large numbers for wall decor on New Year's Eve, print pictures of santa and snowmen for Christmas and more.  If a computer is not handy, grab your nearest artist, adult or child, and draw and color some great wall decorations.  Cut them out and stick them on the wall.  Create standups by gluing a piece of paper and/or cardboard to the back like a kick stand.


- Match colors when themes don't work.  If you can't find a designed product, almost all party stores will offer plain color plates, cups, napkins etc.  So if you need Halloween colors, find black and orange, or red and white for Christmas.  It's usually cheaper and the colors will make it all festive.


Decorating for your special holiday doesn't need to cost a lot and the more creative you are, the more your guests will enjoy!







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