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We've put together a list of all of our kids birthday party ideas. Each party idea has tips for decorations, party favors, and much more. Use our free birthday party ideas and have the party to remember!.


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Basic Birthday Party Game Ideas:

1) Balloon Pop - First to sit on the air filled balloon and pop it wins.


2) Three Leg Race - tie shoe strings together and the first group of two to the finish line wins.


3) Simon Says - One person is Simon who tells the others to do things like "Simon Says stand on one foot", if Simone says "Stand on one foot" and someone does without having "Simon Says" in front of it, that person is out.  You can only do what is said if Simon Says.


4) Red Light Green Light - One person is the it person, they say red light and green light.  Their back is turned when they say green light, but when they say red light they are able to look at the rest of the kids, if a kid is moving when red light is called, they are out, last one standing wins.


5) Red Rover - Two groups of 3 or more people.  One group calls "Red Rover Red Rover send "someone's name" right over, if that person comes over and is able to break through the arms (everyone holds hands) then they bring someone back to their group with them, if they can't break through, they stay with the other group and join them.


6) Hot Potato - Everyone sits in a circle and a bean bag (or toy) is thrown quickly and lightly to the next person going clockwise.  Music is played and when the music stops, whomever has the hot potato is out.  Last one in wins.


7) Duck Duck Goose - All kids sit in a circle, one person is it.  They walk around the circle patting kids on the head saying "duck" once on each head, when they pat a head and say goose, the one sitting has to jump up and race the other kid all the way around the circle, the one standing has to do the "duck duck goose".


8) Water Balloon Toss - This is a wet game, in groups of two, the kids stand close faced each other, each time they throw the balloon to the other and catch it, they each take two steps back, last ones who didn't drop their balloon wins.


Party Supplies For Your Theme

When choosing a party theme, our select party stores are great to start your shopping.  Each store offers great values on the latest popular cartoon characters as well as super heroes, movies and more.  Within in each store, you will find a nice assortment of party supplies ranging from matching plates and cups, to wall decorations, great party favors and toys as well as fun personalized products.


Party Idea Helpful Tips:

- Send your invitations out 4 weeks before the party date, this will allow ample time for people to take off work etc.

- Make sure your party favors are suitable for all ages.  My Candy Bar Wrappers sells great chocolates personalized for parties as well as many matching invitations.  Be sure to stray from hard candies when you have toddlers at your party as well as small toys with parts that might be easily removed.

- Be sure to ask your child what they would like for their party theme, no mom or dad out there would ever want to pick a non-cool theme!


We do our best to help you celebrate your party.  With great party supplies and ideas, your party is sure to be fun!







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