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Helpful Party Tips:
If you find a game you like but would rather make it a special themed game, get your creative side together and find out what might work for you.


Some ideas others have used include:
- Pinatas: these come in all sorts of characters to match a birthday theme.
- Hot Potato: throwing a small toy that matches your theme works well, the one that has it when the music stops is disqualified.
- Scavenger Hunt: use themed items to find such as items like super hero toy to find, mask, cape, toy building etc.


It's Party Time! Here are some great activities to help get your party rolling!

1) Water Balloon Toss:
This game requires groups of two, each team will throw the balloon back and forth and the last ones to drop their balloon wins.  For each throw, each team member will take two steps back, the further you get away, the harder it is to catch.


2) Egg Roll:
With a start and finish line, each child gets down on their knees and pushes the hard boiled egg to the finish line with their nose, the first one there wins.


3) Spoon & Egg Activity:
Each child gets a large spoon with a raw egg, there is a start and finish line as well.  The first child to the finish line wins.  If the child drops the egg and it doesn't break, they can pick it up and put it back on the spoon, once the egg is broken, they are no longer able to play.


4) Marshmallow Spooning:
Get two large mixing bowls and fill one to the middle with marshmallows or cotton balls (marshmallows are better so kids can eat after).  Take a large spoon and blindfold the child, make sure they can't see as most will cheat.  They will then spoon the marshmallows from one bowl to the other, at the end you can count how many put in the bowl.  30 seconds or 1 min timer.


5) 3 Legged Race:
Tie the knee and shoe lace of the two man team and the first ones from the start to the finish line will be the winners.  Large sacks are also used if available.


6) Balloon Pop:
First child to sit on the balloon and pop it wins.


7) Pin The Tail On The Donkey:
Find someone who draws well & have them make a donkey on a large poster board with small poster board made tails.  The child closest to the original tail on the design wins.  Each child will be blind folded and twirled around 3 times and aimed toward the board.  Many families choose to make the birthday kid face the wrong way for extra fun.


8) Pin The Nose On The Clown:
Same directions as Pin The Tail On The Donkey, but with this game a nose is used.


9) Girl Makeup Game:
Put eye shadow, lipstick and blush on your friends while blindfolded.  The best looking one wins, this will be judged by an adult.  Many groups do this for fun and every child gets free lip gloss etc.







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