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Matching Your Theme

If your birthday party has a select theme, make sure you match your party favor to that theme.  When you have a western birthday, give badges, cowboy hats or even scarves to bring back that wild west.  Princess parties can have makeup, nail polish, crowns, boas and more.  Matching your theme can be easier than you would expect.


Most Popular Party Favors

Through the years, we have noticed several exciting and most wanted party favors that can go with just about every party.  I have placed together a list of items that I hope can help you decide on what to fill your treat bags with.


  • Candy - always a plus with kids.  The more odd the candy the better from skates filled with hard candies, to whistle pops and candy lipsticks.
  • Beauty - girls always love nail polish, fake nails, makeup etc.
  • Monsters and Dinosaurs - a plus with boys, anything scary or prehistoric always does well with under 9.
  • Decor Pencils - anything from sporting pencils to scooby doo, you can find these at local party stores and some stationery shops.
  • Puzzles and Games - you can find these in local walmart stores or even inside party stores, they come in small hand size puzzles.
  • Silly Straws - to this day, kids still love a silly / crazy straw.
  • Bouncing Ball favors
  • Paddle Balls







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