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Solid Color Partyware


When In Doubt Pull The Solid Colors Out!
Many special birthday and/or select party themes require special prints for example: SpongeBob SquarePants is a great party theme with the colorful yellow character.  But what if the print wasn't available?

Solid color partyware can fit your theme and help enhance your special design needs.  For the SpongeBob, purchasing yellow and blue solid party plates, cups etc. will help enhance the fun characters color, the yellow for his sponge and the blue for the water.


Other Ideas For Parties:
1) Over the Hill - Black is always a great color for this type of party.
2) 75th - For Wedding Anniversaries and Birthdays the special color for this theme is gold.
3) 25th - Anniversary partyware and birthdays silver is perfect.
4) Baby Showers - Soft blues and pinks or greens.  Should the baby shower has a theme that isn't available (baby snoopy), blue is always best to match it.
5) Birthdays - Matching the colors to the theme in question (brown for scooby doo, yellow for spongebob etc.) but also for older girls a hot pink or older boys black or dark blue would be great selections.


With solid colors you can never go wrong.
Below we have a list of a few websites that can help you choose the solid colors you are looking for.







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