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Teen Party Supplies & Favors


Having A Party For Your Teen?  Here Are Some Helpful Teen Party Ideas For Your Party Planning.


What Do Teens Like?
There are several themes today that teenagers like to throw for their parties.  Sure, they are a bit grown up for Elmo and Tweety, but they still like to dress up and have fun. Below are great supplies plus ideas for creating your fun teen party.


Teen Party Supplies:
Right below are some of our most popular teen party supplies.

Aloha Luau | Flip Flop Party | Weekend BBQ | Pink Mod Monkey | 60s Hippie Chick

Teen Fashionista | Super Mario Bros | Monster Jam | Pirates | Tony Hawk | Harley Davidson


Teen Party Favors:
Great ideas would include such things as our personalized chocolate bars at, you can pick any design and add your own words, you can even request a new look to match a theme you have at no extra charge.

Other Ideas Include:
Music CDs
Movie Tickets
Restaurant & Shopping Certificates
Hair Accessories
Winning cash for playing games 


Some of the most popular teen themes include:
Please remember, if you click the family links in each design, you will find party supplies, favors etc. on the page you click into.


This is the #1 theme among teenagers.  With a luau party theme, teens can have an indoor or outdoor celebration with lots of decorations and fun.  With the Luau, you can decorate in full from grass skirts, to table skirts, tiki lights, hula music, Luau wall decorations, party leis and much more.


Beach BBQ
Another theme coming in a close 2nd is the Beach BBQ.  Many people decide to rent spots out at the local beach for their celebration for the full effect.  Having a BBQ will allow hours of outdoor fun, if you have a pool, you can turn it into a pool party.  Play beach music from the 60s and have fun.  You can have great items from beach balls, to beachcomer hats, tropical paraols, sunglasses, green leaf leis, sailor hats and more.


HollyWood Nights
Our third favorite is our Hollywood theme where teens dress up in classic attire such as ganster hats, sequin flapper hats, feather boas and large sunglasses.  This theme can be fun from the roaring 20s when Hollywood was great.


Decade Party
With decade themes, teens are able to feel "groovy" in decade clothing with great decorations like disco balls, blow up guitars, daisy beat curtains, peace mobile piñatas and much more.  This theme can be done with great matching foods like the infamous fondue!

Party Idea Helpful Tips: - Send your invitations out 4 weeks before the party date, this will allow ample time for people to take off work etc.


Chocolate Favors & Invitations -  My Candy Bar Wrappers sells great invitations & chocolates personalized for parties with specific themes, if a theme is not available, contact them and a design will be made right away at no extra charge.

- It's important to teens to know their own theme, ask them to get involved and pick out the decorations they want for their party.

- Match foods to the theme if possible, Luau can have fish, pineapples etc., BBQ can have beef, corn on the cob etc., a 50s-60s can have Fondue with breads and cheese (or) chocolates and fruit.

- When you can't find decorations, make your own.  Your local Michaels or Joann Fabric stores will have great supplies.  Don't forget to ask their sales associates for help as they are professionals with crafts and decorating.







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