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The Avengers Party Supplies & Ideas


Be a super hero at your next party by throwing a fun Avengers birthday party.
Purchase a fun Avengers set of invitations or create your own. With card stock and some markers, you can create a fun Captain America invitations. Use the markers to color his shield on the front and fill out the back inviting all Super Heroes to a fun Adventure. Lacking in artistic talent? Use white cardstock and draw red and blue stars on the front and write information on the back.


Decorate Avengers Style

Basic list of needed party supplies include: plates, cups, forks, table cloth, streamers, balloons, music, activities or movies, invitations, favor bags with trinkets, cake, snacks and guest list with party time start and finish.

  • With cardstock or poster board and markers, you can create easy wall decorations. Create Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer or Hulks Fist and place around the room. You can also print photos you find online and trim to use as wall decor.
  • Colors to decorate with are red white and blue, use these colors for streamers, balloons and other party supplies. You can meet the streamers in the corners and add 3 balloons.
  • Place Red White and Blue balloons outside on the mailbox or front door so guests know where you are located.
  • Hang your American Flag.
  • If this theme isn't available through party stores, you can choose a color scheme for the place settings. For one seat, use red plate, blue cup and white napkin, on another seating, use all green colors, for iron man use red and yellow etc.


Party Activities

  • Scavenger Hunt: Find Loki. Place items around the house and/or yard and make a list hinting to the next item. Once the children reach the end, they find a picture or drawing of Loki and save the day. You can also turn this into an activity by using Nerf arrow type shooters, fake hammers to pound things, drink green Kool-Aid as a Hulk punch etc.
  • Create your own shield. Use poster board and markers and kids can draw their own shield that you can cut out. Use a nice sized strip of the poster board to duct tape to the back so the child can put their arm through so they can be a super hero.
  • Once the movie is on video, use it as a party time filler. You can also find old movies of the Hulk and cartoons.
  • For music, use the music selection from the movie.


Avenger Themed Party Foods

  • Easy cake decoration, use frosting to make Captain Americas shield on a round cake or turn the cake into iron man helmet.
  • Create mini Captain America shields on cupcakes instead of a full sized cake.
  • Trail mix = super hero food
  • Veggies and dip or go the junk food route with chips, and candy like m&ms.
  • Star Shaped Cookies.
  • Super Hero punch, green punch or cool aid.
  • Iron man food, yellow cheese, red sausage meat and crackers.


Party Favor Ideas

  • On this page, you will find the latest themed products available.
  • Red White and Blue. Using this color theme, you can purchase several types of toys that may not follow the theme like blue bouncy balls or red rings for the girls.
  • Avenger Stickers and tats, click supplies on this page to see more items.
  • Eye masks for the kids. Find these in various colors, they can be their own super hero.
  • However you choose to throw your party, we know it will be a hit. Don't forget your camera!







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